ICANN 44 Weekend Meetings

This weekend the 44th ICANN public meeting kicked off in Prague.

Yesterday’s big news came early in the morning with the announcement that “Digital Archery” had been “suspended”.

Whether it will come back to haunt new TLD applicants at a later date or not is not clear, though many attendees are hoping that it won’t.

Yesterday also saw the meeting between the GNSO and the GAC, which has led to “fireworks” in the past. This time round it was a much more restrained affair with some people reporting that some attendees were having difficulty keeping awake! (Though that was probably due to a combination of jet lag and the subdued lighting in the meeting room)

Today’s schedule is considerably busier and the GNSO will be getting updates from a number of the working groups on topics such as UDRP, domain transfers and more.

There’s also a session scheduled with registrars presenting an overview of the “domain marketplace” to government officials (GAC).

The full timetable for today may be found here

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