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Nike.ie LinkedIn.ie ieDRP Cases

The volume of disputes involving .ie domain names is pretty small. This is probably due in part to three factors: The namespace is pretty small with only 206 thousand names the registry’s rules are very restrictive compared to gTLDs prices are generally higher than for a lot of gTLDs However there are still a number of […]

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Lufthansa & WeightWatchers Win URS

The URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension System) is a new rights protection mechanism that was introduced as part of ICANN’s New TLD rollout. Unlike the UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy), if a complainant prevails in a URS they do not get the domain. All a URS can do is result in the domain being suspended for […]

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.Us ccTLD Adopting URS From July 1 2014

Neustar, who run the backend registry operations for .us and others, announced yesterday that the .us ccTLD will be adopting the URS from July 1st 2014. The URS  is a shorter and cheaper method of lodging a domain name dispute than the UDRP. Of course it’s .us, so the terminology is a little different. In […]

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Expletive Renders UDRP Complaint Void

Calvin Klein are a well known fashion company. The “CK” and Calvin Klein logos are well known. So you’d almost expect a domain dispute involving a domain name with the term “Calvin Klein” in it to be a “slam dunk”. However UDRPs and other domain disputes are not quite that predictable as they rely on […]

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Afnic Release Infographic On Domain Disputes

Unless you’re really fascinated by domain names and trademark law and disputes, domain name disputes aren’t exactly an “exciting” topic. Afnic, the .fr registry, however, are trying to change that in their own little way. Earlier this morning they released an infographic that is packed with information, facts and figures about their new domain name […]

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ICANN 44 Weekend Meetings

This weekend the 44th ICANN public meeting kicked off in Prague. Yesterday’s big news came early in the morning with the announcement that “Digital Archery” had been “suspended”. Whether it will come back to haunt new TLD applicants at a later date or not is not clear, though many attendees are hoping that it won’t. […]

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Irish Politicians Screw Up With XXX

An article in yesterday’s Sunday Times (Irish edition) by Harry Leech covers .xxx and Irish politicians and political parties. It’s obvious that they didn’t do anything about protecting their “brand” in XXX: Endakenny.xxx and finegael. xxx were both registered in December 2011, as were the addresses sinnfein.xxx and fiannafail.xxx Needless to say the domains were […]

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Use It Or Lose It? UDRP Hits New Low

Use It Or Lose It? UDRP Hits New Low

Kevin tweeted a link to this decision earlier today and it scared me. It really did. What’s so scary? This part of the UDRP decision: Complainant asserts that Respondent has failed to make an active use of the disputed domain name, constituting bad faith registration and use.  Complainant submits a printout verifying its assertion that […]

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