Registrar Linked To Scott Richter Gets Slapped

ICANN’s Compliance team have sent a breach notice to registrar Dynamic Dolphin.


They’ve got three issues with them:

  • Legal issues with company officers
  • Failure to comply with the domain transfer policy (IRTP)
  • Not providing registration agreements to registrants

The first one, however, is probably the “meatiest” of the lot.

Scott Richter has a rather “interesting” past. He’s been linked to a lot of “interesting” online activity and was on the Spamhaus ROKSO list of spammers in the past. You can read over the wikipedia entry and draw your own conclusions.

The letter from Compliance, below, goes into some of the evidence that they were able to dig up. At the simplest level the fact that Richter has been found guilty of felony for financial activities would be enough to get them into trouble if they didn’t remove him. However they hadn’t even informed ICANN formally that he was an officer of the company.

You can read the full letter below – there’s probably a lot more to this story than is evident in the letter!



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