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Failed Social Media Platform Domain Sells on Sedo for $70k

A few years ago when Twitter was on the rise the social media company started imposing limitations on their API. What this meant was that many 3rd party developers found themselves restricted and inevitably they complained. Some people felt strongly that a social media platform should exist that wasn’t constrained by commercial requirements and that […]

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Tracking #Netmundial via Twitter

If you’re not in Brazil this week for the NetMundial meeting you might be following it remotely. So out of interest I decided to check the stats on the more popular hashtag people are using on Twitter, ie. #netmundial Over the past 24 hours the level of activity has been pretty impressive according to TweetReach: […]

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ICANN's decision tree

Humor: ICANN’s New Decision Tree

While the volume of material coming out from the various ICANN parody accounts on Twitter may have dropped considerably in the last few months, some of the content is hilarious. Here’s one from @icannlegal – and no, it’s definitely NOT ICANN’s legal department https://twitter.com/icannlegal/status/378632760430055424 In case the Twitter account gets culled here’s the image: At […]

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Screenshot of ICANN Labs

ICANN Labs Want A Panel At SXSW

Over the past year ICANN has been undergoing a period of change. With the appointment of a new CEO any organisation will undergo change, but when you combine that with other factors like the new TLD program, the new contracts for both registrars and registries, changes across the industry and much much more, it’s easy […]

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Christine Jones Running For Governor of Arizona

Former GoDaddy general counsel Christine Jones is getting into politics. Ms Jones announced over the weekend that she was planning on running for governor of Arizona, where both she and GoDaddy are based. While precise details of Jones’ campaign are not available as yet, they should be announced in the next few weeks. She’s got […]

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Fadi Chehadé

Fadi Chehadé Is Apparently On Twitter

ICANN’s President and CEO Fadi Chehadé is apparently on Twitter. You’d be forgiven for not knowing, as he’s only tweeted once at time of writing: Excellent blog on the background to ICANN's security terminology http://t.co/xeZOBTznOc — ICANN President (@icann_president) July 8, 2013 According to what I can see the account was created on April 21st […]

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GoDaddy Suffers Massive Outage

GoDaddy is the world’s largest registrar and hosting provider. Earlier this evening they suffered a massive outage which appears to be related primarily to their DNS. However it is unclear if that is the issue and it is also unclear as to what is the cause. At the moment pretty much every tech blog on […]

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Where Is ICANN’s New CEO?

On Monday June 25th, as part of the Prague ICANN meeting, there is a slot on the schedule for the “CEO Farewell Reception”. Rod Beckstrom will be leaving ICANN. This is not news. It was announced (via Twitter) several months ago. What is “news” is more correctly the lack of it ie. the naming of […]

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