ICANN Terminates Lime Labs, DomainMonger & DomainsToBeSeen

ICANN’s compliance team has been busy of late.

Earlier today they followed through on 3 previous breach notices and terminated 3 registrars:

All three registrars appear to have failed to comply with their contractual obligations or to satisfy ICANN that they had fixed their issues. All three also appear to owe ICANN fees.

The terminated registrars can choose another registrar to takeover their domains, but if they don’t then ICANN will step in and get them moved to another registrar. After the RegisterFly disaster ICANN put in place a “transition” process which helps safeguard registrants. They’ll also lose the right to use the ICANN logo on their sites, though I suspect that that’s pretty low down on their priority list.

I suspect there will be more to follow, or am I being pessimistic?

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