ICANN Compliance Sends Breach Notices To 10 Registrars

ICANN’s Compliance team has been busy.This evening they published 10 breach notices that had been sent to registrars.

All of the registrars in question have ignored ICANN’s notifications to them about the audit program. However several of them also owe ICANN accreditation fees as well.

The registrars found to be in breach are:

  • Korea Electronic Certification Authority, Inc. (Crosscert, Inc.)
  • Mat Bao Trading & Service Company Limited d/b/a Mat Bao
  • R. Lee Chambers Company LLC d/b/a DomainsToBeSeen.com
  • USA Webhost, Inc
  • Internet NAYANA Inc.
  • Cheapies.com Inc.
  • Central Registrar, Inc. DBA Domainmonger.com
  • Lime Labs LLC
  • Homestead Limited dba Namevault.com
  • Power Brand Center Corp.

If they don’t resolve their issues, as outlined in the breach notice letters, they risk losing their accreditations with ICANN.

The 10 letters can be found here (11 January 2013)

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