Gets Another Breach Notice From ICANN

It looks like there’s a pattern emerging.

cheapiescomRemember the 10 registrars that got breach notices last week? While some have “cured” the breach another one of the 10 has been sent a new breach in the last 24 hours. was sent a new breach notice yesterday. You can download the letter here. This time round the issues are in relation to domain transfers and their failure to provide EPP keys and unlock domains to allow transfers to another registrar.

But what’s a lot more telling is that ICANN’s attempts to contact the registrar have been fraught with difficulty:

The facsimile and courier copies of the 11 January 2013 Notice sent to the Primary Contact for (as listed in RADAR) were undeliverable.

So, in other words, the contact details that the registrar has supplied ICANN are not current.

Back in 2011 the same registrar was sent a breach notice for not escrowing registration data.

According to the registrar has roughly 11 thousand domains on their accreditation.

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