Nominations for Nominet Non-Executive Director Close Friday

This year there is only one seat on the Nominet board open for election. The nomination period for the Non-Executive Director of Nominet is open at the moment and will close next Friday, March 10th.

The criteria for being nominated are pretty simple. Nomination is open to anyone, but you need to be nominated and seconded by an existing Nominet member. Current board members serve a 3 year term.

You can find out more about the current board members here. As I mentioned a couple of days ago the Chair is being replaced.

Nominet have provided a fairly comprehensive document (PDF) that outlines the process. Here are a few highlights.


Contributing to strategy – by bringing an external perspective and their skills and experience to strategy development.
• Contributing to effective decision-making – by constructive challenge and being team players.
• Oversight – by monitoring and reviewing the performance of executive management in achieving the company’s vision and strategic objectives.
• Support – by contributing their external perspective, skills and experience to support the leadership and development of Nominet going forward.
• Networking – by making connections with their own networks of contacts to enhance the company’s public standing and reputation.
• Committee membership – by serving on sub and ad hoc committees as appropriate.
• Other participation – by participating in Nominet member, customer and other stakeholder community events. This may include participation in the policy development process for .uk.
• Avoiding conflicts of interest – to ensure that you do not allow yourself to be compromised by any interests other than those of Nominet.

The ideal candidate should be:

Qualifications and experience
• Demonstrable ability and preferably experience of being a non-executive director.
• A successful track record of leading the formulation and delivery of successful corporate objectives, strategies and policies.
• Demonstrable experience in a high performing team at Board level.
• A track record that demonstrates a solid understanding of the efficient and effective management of an organisation’s financial, human and other assets, and evidence of having delivered improved
performance and the better use of resources.
• Evidence of having made an outstanding contribution within your industry or profession.
• Track record of making independent, well-balanced and sound judgements, particularly when under public scrutiny or subject to lobbying.
• Background in both commercial and non-commercial environments.
• Effective and confident communication skills – listening, written and verbal.
• A track record of consensus building with stakeholders both within and outside your organisation.
• Experience of operating in dynamic strategic environments.
The Board would welcome and encourage people with recent and relevant financial experience and a professional qualification from one of the accountancy bodies to consider standing.
Ability, skills and knowledge
• The resilience and integrity to reach well balanced judgements in an impartial objective and transparent manner.
• An ability to consider the wider issues rather than be involved in the detail.
• Demonstrate a sense of depth and rigour in decision making.
• An understanding of the cultural differences of private and public sector stakeholders.
• An understanding of the internet, including social media, as a user.
• Knowledge of the broader technology sector.
Personal Style and Behaviour
• Demonstrate a clear thinking and practical style.
• Good communication skills and a clear speaking style.
• The ability to listen to and empathise with stakeholders at all levels.
• Be personally credible to stakeholders.
• Work constructively with Nominet’s staff and other Board members.

The election timeline is as follows:

Closing date for nominations – Friday 10th March 2017 at 12.00 (GMT)
Date for recording video statements (optional) – Monday 20th March 2017
Voting commences – Tuesday 4th April 2017
Meet the NEDs webinar – Friday 7th April 2017
Voting closes – Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 15:00 (GMT)


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